Understanding the health care system is one of the things that a nurse need to do so that they can be able to provide the best care to a patient.

Understanding the health care system is one of the things that a nurse need to do so that they can be able to provide the best care to a patient. Therefore, when making a decision, then the nurse needs to understand how the care system is structured. There are very many reasons as to why it is important to understand the healthcare system. One of the reason is because in most of the cases, evidence based practice has to be supported by healthcare professionals, facilities among other things in the system (Magers, 2014). Therefore, before the nurse can be able to make a decision they have to be able to understand whether the local healthcare system will be able to support the decision. For example, in some cases, the system may not have enough staff to support the decision made. Therefore, the nurse has the role of ensuring that they first understand the system to see whether the system will be able to support the implementation of the decision.

Evidence based practice decisions require that the patients have a certain level of education and knowledge on the care provision system. For example, some of the decisions require that the patients know more about how they can care for themselves. Therefore, the nurse has to examine the system and understand whether the patient in the health care system have the knowledge that they require to implement the decision on themselves (Thunders, 2015). Depending on whether the nurse discovers that they have some level of knowledge or not, then the nurse will decide what decision to use. If the patients have the knowledge, then they can use a complex decision and vice versa. However, it is important that the care providers study the system carefully so that they can be able to decide what decision to make and how it will be implemented.


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2-Hi , thanks for the question. My mentor has giving access to past fall incident, and the various intervents they have used in the past and are using that has not been working. The nurses I am working with are more familiar with the residents and are there to give me all the additional information that I need. One of the nurses have been in this facility for a long time and is familiar with some of the failed projects and have an inside of the various cases of fall. There are very helpful and always ready to answer my questions.



3-Understanding healthcare at the local level is very important for several reasons. One of the main reasons is to be able to understand the perception of certain. In the small community where myself and my mentor live and work, the population is mostly low income to lower middle class. Many of the patients that my mentor sees at the local ED where he works have some of the same issues that I my capstone project is trying to address. Tese diseases include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and depression. Reasearch shows us that these diseases can be prevented and certainly more well managed with simple and basic education, preferreably that starts in early childhood (Deavenport-Saman, A., Piridzhanyan, A., Solomon, O., Phillips, Z., Kuo, T., & Yin, L.,2019). As my mentor and I have discussed my capstone and implementing EBP in this small community, it is apparent that the problem of obesity and associated illnesses is widespread and mulitgenerational. With limited resources for fresh, healthy produce, and plenty of traditional southern food, our little community is a petri dish for obesity. As my mentor and I discussed education, we determined that implementing basic nutritional and exercise education should start in schools, community centers, churches, and health clinics. This education would include the risks of childhood obesity and all the illnesses and diseases that are associated with it. Many of the patients that my mentor sees in the local ED are overwieght or obese and have diabetes or heart disease that is being exacerbated by the obesity.


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