What issues does Cornelia need to cover in the orientation?



Cornelia Manufacturing has decided to hire a contractor to install an electronic monitoring system in its outbuildings, a job expected to take several months. It has awarded the job to H.G. Electrix. Unfortunately, Cornelia has had negative experiences with previous contractors and safety issues. This time it wants to be very careful about how it handles safety and has drawn up a contract specifying how safety will be managed and monitored and how it will affect costs. Periodic safety inspections and weekly safety progress reviews are covered in the contract. H.G. Electrix has agreed to the contract and is supposed to begin work in the next month. In the interim Cornelia would like to conduct a safety orientation for H.G. and review its safety-monitoring program for contractors.

1. What issues does Cornelia need to cover in the orientation?

2. In addition to periodic inspections and weekly progress reviews, what else can be included in a program to monitor contractor safety?


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